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Virginia SB 248: funding gun control groups with taxpayer money and killing off the first amendment

Updated: May 20, 2020

Best way to keep the money flowing to local VA based gun control groups as they’re working it into the budget.

Key point is “community-based organizations“, which are groups like the Virginia Center For Public Safety (which is the state branch of Ceasefire). The money is then used for grants to support these groups/organization. They’re doing something similar in Illinois (funding gun control groups via state grants with tax revenue off of legal marijuana sales). Compare this bill to the grant program in Illinois (in link). It’s almost identical in nature.

Fight this bill as hard as you can, as if it’s passed and signed into law it will ensure a honeypot of money for gun control groups in which you will pay for as Virginia taxpayers.

Adding this in as well (another recently introduced bill). Guess you can’t make fun of the the VA government using the internet (if passed) either. First amendment anyone?!?!?!??!?:

This sounds VERY familiar. Oh, wait, the Third Reich had a similar law!

Wehrkraftzersetzung is a term from German military law during the Third Reich. In 1938, with Adolf Hitler moving Germany closer to war, the Nazi government issued a decree for the purpose of suppressing any expression or activity opposed to the Nazi regime or the Wehrmacht. The anti-sedition decree included the crime of Zersetzung der Wehrkraft.[note 1] Commonly called wehrkraftzersetzung, the term is variously translated as "subversion of the war effort",[1] "undermining military morale"[2] and "sedition and defeatism"[3]Paragraphs already in the military penal code were consolidated and redefined, creating the new crime, which carried the death penalty. In 1939, a second decree was issued that extended the crime to civilians.[1]
Discouraging statements, such as doubt about the ultimate victory of the Third Reich, any criticism of its political or military leadership and its form of government were punished with heavy prison sentences (in military prisons, concentration camps, deployment to the field or to probationary units) or with death. Conscientious objectors in particular were frequently convicted of wehrkraftzersetzung in addition to their other charges. This was done to reduce the potential of negative influence on others, even when the refusal of military duty had not been publicized.[note 2] Many civilians were also convicted of wehrkraftzersetzung by military courts.


Unknown member
Jan 24, 2020

That is true, Larry. Wouldn’t it be a shame if he kept getting called Blackface and spammed with his yearbook photo until he leaves office?


Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Jan 23, 2020

"Guess you can’t make fun of the the VA government using the internet (if passed) either."

You can if you live outside Virginia, or even outside the USA... and a lot of us do.

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