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Washington Post: POLL FAIL IN VA

It's no surprise that Gun Control groups twist numbers and hide info in between the crevices of their "research." And it's also NO surprise at all that these mainstream media outlets are just really bad at giving REAL news. So, it should come as NO SHOCK to any of you that The Washington Post sent out questionnaires to residents here in Virginia, that were focusing around Gun Control issues. My own Ma got one. (She laughed really hard, too.)

OH! And this poll wasn't sent to JUST random households. It was sent out to mostly, NORTHERN VA college campuses. In my own research, I also found that it was sent to a few in the Southern VA parts, too. I was a little shocked, because I never heard about it... being that I'm a born and bred Virginian and Pro Gun Writer. I mean... I'm constantly looking through media outlets for info, so WHY didn't I get one, as well... or at least have notice of one? So, I decided to do my own little "poll." I got on the good ol Facebook and asked some of my buds. Now, I know what you're thinking!

"Jill! That's not fair! You used a personal social media site to ask YOUR pals, who probably think the same as you do about these issues!"

Let me pull an Ellen D on ya to calm yo worries... The majority of my REAL PALS and I rarely agree on politics. (TROOF! That's why I don't discuss politics on Facebook like I do Twitter and such) We DO all agree on funny tv shows and cat memes, though. I've got a few Old School Democrat preachers who love the fact I can rap all of Ice Ice Baby in a chipmunk voice.

Anywho... Point being, I've got pals from all walks of life and although they HATE discussing politics with me, they are VERY apt to helping a chick with her research.

The Actual Question

I am in Southern Virginia. I also live in THE LARGEST county in the state, who's "City within a City," Danville, VA is a little mega hub. I'm not going to go into details of the demographics, because that will CERTAINLY stir an uproar if I shared ALL of my opinions, BUT, the area I'm from is very PRO Constitution (on both sides of the aisle) and makes up a big chunk in voting during electoral seasons. So... why weren't we targeted more?

Out of 54 of my pals... again... all different backgrounds, beliefs, etc... 5 of them said, YES, they did receive a questionnaire from The Washington Post, asking about their thoughts on Gun Related issues. I asked these folks if they subscribed to The Washington Post: 1 said Yes, 3 said No and 1 didn't respond. One of the folks, as I said earlier, was my own mother. Another pal, whom I've known since grade school openly said, "I love my guns!" The others kept it generic. No heavy discussion at all. I then read up on the poll itself and those it targeted, then compared that to my "Yes Pals." I found that all 5 of my pals who received the poll questions were either a) in some sort of medical or educational field, b) in a middle/ blue collar income household, or c) recently took college courses, graduated, etc... within the last 3 -5 years- so they're still on a current alumni roster. No one really of any DIRE straights, so to speak, but they do have MAJOR characteristics to influence their community. Seems like legit targets for a poll, right?

Then I got to thinking. I already know the media is bought out by lobbyists, mostly on THE LEFT. It's NO surprise there, either, right!?! But... who's conducting the poll? When I used to work for the little advertiser paper in my hometown, I found that most "surveys" or "polls" were sent out to 3rd Party affiliates. Being that The Washington Post is a MAJOR mainstream media publication, its just SMART of them to send out their inquiry for another agency to handle. That's exactly what these Media Outlets do! They hire folks like, Langer Research Associates to do their polling. Big deal, huh? WELL... it wouldn't be a big deal if they did so in an unbiased way. Pay close attention, folks. You may not agree with my stance on Gun Rights, but you need to know, YOU'RE BEING HAD!