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Wiggins Construction in Wyoming offering free AR with new roof install

This is epic advertising:

Of course they’re following the law as well:

The construction company consulted with a lawyer to ensure the promotion adhered to federal laws.
Customers must prove they are at least 21 years of age, have not been a convicted felon and acknowledge that they will abide by state and federal gun laws.
Wiggins Construction logs the gun's serial number and submits a transfer ownership form. The gun will then belong to the customer.

That still didn’t stop the firearm prohibitionists from having a melt down though LOFL!!!!

Some people were so butthurt that they were threatening to kill company employees over it!

Thomas said that Wiggins Construction has received calls, including from its insurance company, blasting them for not conducting federal firearms licensees (FFL) background checks, which Thomas argues is not required by law. The company has also been called "baby killers" and received death threats for running the promotion, but Thomas said that those comments have mostly come from people who aren't living in the state.
"Guns are a part of our culture out here," Thomas said. "I know that's hard for people to understand, but the majority of the threats are just people that don't live here that are making these calls. They're coming from the East Coast, they're coming from the West Coast, they're not coming from Wyoming. So it's not something we're really worried about anyway."
Wiggins construction has notified the appropriate authorities about the death threats.

And then there’s the antis making excuses for that behavior lol. Deflection.

Gotta love those peaceful anti-gunners, eh? They’re so worried about “the children” that they threaten to kill you if you legally transfer an AR!!! I wonder how many of them are members of that wacky group of communist moms that all share the same brain, Moms Demand Action?

Finally, they’re not even afraid to troll the Fudds who are complaining and make them look stupid (30 rounds a minute. WOW!!!! 🤣). Well done, Wiggins Construction.

Say, maybe Mom-at-Arms should do an ammo giveaway or something. It seems it would piss off our targets (gun grabbers) and we can turn off of the butthurt into an article lol. Now, Wiggins Construction did take the “save the children“ argument to heart. I’m sure their response will piss off the gun grabbers even more though (and in the comments, it seemed to do just that).


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