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"You Swore An Oath Just Like I Did!": Major Win For VA 2A

By now, you know who the Boogaloo Bois (Boys) are, especially those in Virginia- whose Boogaloo "Chapter" have made major headlines throughout the nation as they've worked in unifying efforts with independent Black Lives Matter groups (BLM757), for the sake of preserving the 2nd Amendment.

Pictured Above: Boogaloo Boi, Mike Dunn (center) along with Japharii Jones, President of BLM757 (to Dunn's right), stand in unity with other members of their own and other civil rights orgs in support of the 2nd Amendment.


Although Hawaiian shirts aren't my thang... and I do have my opinions on how propagandists have boosted and deboosted The Boogaloo Bois (as a whole)... I, as a Virginian support their efforts completely- as they've pissed off some big names in the Gun Control World. (Shannon Watts, Gabby Giffords and Lori Haas- to name a few)

As well as waking many up in the Gun Rights World.


Back in November 2020, a Boogaloo spokesperson, United States Veteran Mike Dunn, made national headlines when he took one for the 2A Team, as he was arrested in Newport News, VA for open carrying a firearm, in civil disobedience to VA's Gun Control ordinances.

Please Note: Virginia is an OPEN CARRY STATE! VA supports Open and Concealed Carry (with license) throughout the state, making the Gun Control legislations total infringements against one's personal safety and inalienable rights. From the video above, that was captured by BLM757's Japharii Jones, Mike is arrested by Newport News Law Enforcement, just for exercising his Constitutional Right.


Today, December 16th, 2020, Mr. Dunn had his day in court in regards to his arrest and... well... Mike Dunn WON... meaning... The Constitution WON!

Video Credit To Tim Anderson with Anderson & Associates, PC

Major Win for VA's 2A! Let this be a HUGE lesson to Law Enforcement who push these infringements, as well as Gun Control politicians throughout Virginia and the nation... in the end, The US Constitution will win. WE THE PEOPLE... WILL WIN!

Outstanding Job, Mike Dunn! THANK YOU!!

(Don't know if we can say it enough)


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