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Did the head of a gun control group just admit “gun violence prevention” leads to shootings?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I came across this article in Ammoland, which dissects this article from the U.K.’s “the Guardian“. Read the Ammoland article (written by a “pal” of Mom-at-Arms who’s kind of a big deal in terms of gun rights and research). In David’s Ammoland article, he goes into detail on many issues regarding the ass backwards thinking of gun grabbing goons (might as well give them an 18th century red coat). We won’t touch those, but there is one quote from Josh Horowitz of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (which we just did an article on regarding their odd new branding) in the Guardian’s article that stood out:

The idea that individuals have the right to fight against tyranny is as old as the republic. But you can trace the modern incarnation of this principle to the early 1990s, and the rise of the militia movement during Bill Clinton’s presidency, when national gun violence prevention laws, including the assault weapons ban and background checks, were instituted. There’s a path from Ruby Ridge and Waco [deadly standoffs between citizens and federal agents, both involving illegal gun charges] to the Oklahoma City bombing. The Michigan militia is where Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, got this start. He was making his living at gun shows. He bought fully into the gun rights agenda, and he ended up killing a lot of kids. I started to pick up the resurgence of this idea in the mid-2000s, at the end of Bush’s presidency and the beginning of Obama’s presidency.

Did he just admit that “gun violence prevention laws” lead to the government gunning down people who don’t obey them?.......

Dig into Ruby Ridge especially, you‘ll get an idea why the MSM and jackboot bureaucrats are pushing the “white supremacy“ angle so hard these days, as well as the dangers of putting more common weapons under the NFA (like the ATF is doing and attempting to do with pistol AR’s and AK’s), such as all magazine fed semi-auto rifles (and the magazines that hold over 10 rounds) under Joe Biden’s gun control plan. Oh well, it appears old Josh doesn’t mind people getting shot to death (nor do some gun control supporters) by the government. It’s for our safety and makes people like him “feel” better I guess. Feels good, right Josh?

Update: Thanks for the shout out regarding this, David :)


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