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Fix the FOID passes IL house/main bill sponsor doesn’t know current law

Illinois HB1091 aims to implement mandatory fingerprinting to legally own a firearm, increase fees, and ban private party transfers of firearms. In what can only be defined as ignorance, the main Bill sponsor wasn’t even aware of how to currently do a private transfer of a firearm under current state law. Watch below:

You see, under current IL law, they already have “universal background checks”. In order to do a lawful sale or transfer, the seller has to verify that the buyer or transferee‘s FOID card is valid with the state police. It’s already law! Rep Hirschauer also admits (not in this footage) that she is not a gun owner and doesn’t have a FOID card. So here’s a prime example of a former Moms Demand Action leader (more on that here) being the main sponsor of a bill in which she is clueless about. Par for the course with anti-gun activists that become legislators and don’t even know current laws and regulations (and just use the same old talking points), but just want to enact things (that are already law) because it “feels good”.


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