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Follow up to Ammo Coding System CEO having a meltdown on Facebook

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

This article that was published made it‘s way around pretty well, enough that he had to address it:

His company sent it the same wording:

As did this:

As it turns out:

It appears that the owner of a private company, who is/has been a lobbyist for bills that would benefit his company, has a not-for-profit set up in order to collect donations, to which the not-for-profit promotes his product. The not-for-profit doesn’t seem to have a public IRS 990 form easily accessible either. It would be interesting to see if donations are being used to fund his company, which could be a big no no (depending on the circumstances). Just some thoughts.

Matt also seems to be taking his business International.

Would be interesting if foreign money was/is given to his not-for-profit......


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