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Instagram targeting the Pew Pew Jew (multi-pronged censorship attack)

The other day we discussed how Instagram wouldn’t allow the Pew Pew Jew (Yehuda Remer, a well known 2A activist) to do a live video with the head of Mom-at-Arms and another from the DC Project and One Million Moms Against Gun Control. Story here:

On top of that BS, Instagram won’t let Yehuda promote his book, Bullet Points.

What’s crazy about this is the content (or lack of) that this book has. It’s a gag.

BULLET POINTS: Reasons why America should Embrace Common Sense Gun Law

Product Description
Bullet Points is the most comprehensive list of reasons why Americans should be embracing common-sense gun law. Meticulous research brings the gun control argument full circle. A must for every gun owner’s coffee table, Bullet Points is sure to be the educational tool that keeps on giving. *This book is mostly blank pages for those that can’t take a joke. Approximate word count: 349

Seriously. Censorship is getting out of hand.


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