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Mom-At-Arms now on Reddit (and already getting censored)

Updated: May 20, 2020

Well, it’s official! MAA is set up on Reddit (and seems like we’re already being reported).

Yesterday, this post was published. Nice little jab at MDA:

That photo of the elderly woman w/her AR was posted on 1MMAGC’s Facebook page and turned into a faux MDA ad by us. Well, apparently some gun grabbers didn’t like it:

You’d think mocking gun grabbers in the “Guns“ subreddit with 500k+ subscribers is ok, but apparently the post was reported and moderators took it down. If that’s the case, it’s actually pretty funny how butthurt gun grabbers get over being mocked. Get a sense of humor already you miserable people. I know you’re upset that your agenda is failing, but that’s because you’re morons and overplayed you’re cards and people aren’t buying into your crap anymore. We know you’re all about control and keeping people from exercising their rights. In fact, you helped cause the panic because folks don’t know when they’re MDA approved “leaders” will try and ban sales/transfers, stop background checks, and cease processing concealed & carry applications.

Either way, we’re on Reddit now and will be posting articles on there.


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