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Moms Demand Action chapter lead condoning murder based on political beliefs?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021


Came across this from our pals at BLM757 out of Newport News, Virginia:

It was in response to this:

Yikes, Moms Demand Action. Are your chapter leads (this one out of Virginia) condoning murder based on politics? we redacted the children, as they have nothing to do with this disgusting statement sent to BLM757. Before her current profile pic, this was it:

And a few other pic updates:

And another post that works into her selective outrage when it comes to unjust police shootings:

Through checking out the profile, we got a name:

Sure enough, she is, in fact, a Virginia (BLM757‘s state) Moms Demand Action lead:

Linked article:

Melanie Cornelisse with Moms Demand Action said Thursday she wants more funding for gun safety programs, another big issue this year.
“We are hoping that our elected officials will support gun safety laws and support these kind of intervention and gun violence prevention programs,” said Cornelisse.
Cornelisse was the 65th speaker. She supports giving millions to enact new gun legislation.

About her being a chapter lead:

Mayor Louis Jones and the City of Virginia Beach proclaimed Friday, June 1 “National Gun Violence Awareness Day,” while Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America hosted a “Wear Orange” event at the Thalia Methodist Church.
“Orange is the color hunters wear in the woods to say `Don’t shoot,” said Sibel Galindez, Hampton Roads legislative lead for the group and organizer of the event, along with Leigh Anne Woodside, Hampton Roads group lead, Marian Kiehl-Kearney, Hampton Roads elections lead, and Melanie Cornelisse, Chesapeake lead.

So there you have it. MDA chapter leads like to private message people and let it be known “they see you” and post an example of a person shot to death in their sleep due to politics. Keep in mind BLM757 also got harassed by local MDA members and even Shannon Watts (she wanted the cops to arrest them) due to them defying a local gun control ordinance:

Be it also known that she (Melanie) was also involved in this incident in which a group of pro-2A women, including the Mom-at-Arms founder, Jill (who is also with the DC Project and One Million Moms Against Gun Control) attempted to have a civil discussion with Virginia gun control advocates during a zoom meeting, only to be called “pathetic“ for their stance on gun rights: