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Normal, IL “Emergency Powers” meeting: Gun sales/transfers listed as being able to be stopped

Updated: May 20, 2020

All content relater to Normal originally appeared blnnews.


Tonight (3/23/20) at 5PM, the town of Normal, Illinois is holding a special meeting due to the COVID-19 crisis:

Under “Nee Business“, you’ll note they want to authorize the mayor and city manager to have emergency decision making power, which includes:

Now, it appears that this ordinance has been on the books for awhile but obviously never enacted, so let’s please remind the town of Normal’s government that Governor Pritzker (shockingly) declared firearms & ammunition sellers/stores as “essential“ during this crisis under his Executive Order. While I’m skeptical of the reasons the Governor worked that in (maybe to overload the State police with background checks and cause screwups so that SB1966 can be leveraged later on?), it is what it is now and FFL’s are deemed “essential“, thus making any local emergency powers declaration regarding legal firearms purchase restrictions null and void.

We applaud the Governor if his true intentions of keeping FFL’s open is for the reasons stated in the EO (Safety & Security).


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