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Save the date: 11/12/19 at the Barrington, IL public library

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

The new ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Order) in Illinois is in effect, and anti-gun organizations are making sure that family members are informed on how to use it.

What’s interesting is that Moms Demand Action isn’t front and center, as they are the ones that set it up.

Looks like this is the area lead, as she’s been featured in the press before (for criticizing a school district over allowing businesses armed teachers to protect students):

She’s actually still pushing the district to NOT support guns protecting students in an emergency (see exhibit 2):

It is painfully clear that Moms Demand Action wants people disarmed (whether it be via red flag laws or in regards to protecting your children from threats while they’re at school). Don‘t let the fact that they’re locals fool you. They‘re acting on behalf of an organization And will do whatever the organization says.

If you attend the event at the public library, be respectful. Gun owners are not the monsters they claim we are.


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