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State Rep that wants to disarm opponents that are civilians wants legislators to have police powers

WOW!!!! Rep. Tarver wants Illinois elected officials to have the power to arrest and detain people! Makes sense, since they probably all want to stop getting arrested themselves.

This is quite funny, as Rep. Tarver was arrested for carrying with an invalid concealed carry license. It was said to be “just an error”, but we all know a non-politician would have likely been screwed if it were the same circumstances. We did an article on it:

Now here’s where the above (giving them power like that) becomes troubling (it’s in the article a as well). Rep Tarver believes people who disagree with him should have their guns taken!

He also thinks we at MAA are ”nut cases” for doing an article on him:

Makes you sleep well at night that people like this want police powers, doesn’t it? Hell, maybe they’ll be the ones carrying out the gun confiscations the want:


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