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String and fiber supplier funneling money to Everytown

To start, we understand that knitting and crocheting is a hobby. We have no issue with that. Hookers gonna hook (fun fact, the head of Mom-at-Arms is a hooker). The issue we have is when stereotype neoliberal statist business owners make a mockery of themselves by funneling their profits to Everytown and Moms Demand Action. Not that we even have a problem with that, it’s just funny. I mean, do these people have like 30 cats as well? I bet their knitting parties have lots of stichin & bitchin going on about the hatred of constitutional rights, specifically the 2A. Meet Knitty City:

Knitty City likes funneling part of their profits to Everytown (because Bloomberg so desperately needs those bucks):

We use the word “funnel” because “as always“ and they’re suggesting you “join our team”. Which team? Knitty City? No, Everytown. Clicking the link brings you here:

So be aware, all of you NYC pro gun knitters, Knitty City will funnel a portion of your purchase money into Everytown.