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InfoWars, BLM757, Mom-at-Arms, and thinking outside the box for 2A rights

Recently, we (Mom-at-Arms, a group of unpaid grassroots volunteers with no corporate backing in terms of finances or sponsors) have been under attack due to the fact we roll by our own tune. It has been successful that way. We have helped cause a federal lawsuit, got national attention for nailing Shannon Watts when she used our stuff to benefit her, and also got asked to be contributing authors for Sometimes we work with groups that are looked at as “enemy” to one segment of the population, which is due to folks not truly understanding what they are about. Recently, we published an article that caused a fair amount of backlash from 2A activists who are not conservative voters (who said we all are anyways). That’s fine, we can take it, and we stand by the article because it’s our opinion (really wasn’t all that controversial, as even other outlets, such as Bearing Arms, picked it up as well). Our article led to displeasure among some others in the 2A world, some of which often preach “we need unity”, yet instead of just passing on by on something they disagree with, they made it a point to say we are wrong. We have posted critique of ”2A folks” on our publication (no one named), but then again so have others. We did so by using our page, not going to others’ pages and lighting up the comments with disapproval.

Now, why are we highlighting the above? Well, we are all different. We all have different approaches. Our approach (when we’re not pissing off gun control absolutists) is to find common ground with groups, but if we don’t agree on everything, ignore they things we differ on. This approach has led to a mutual friendship and understanding with a group some of our readers (and the right leaning 2A world as a whole) would not even consider as an ally in their fight for 2A rights: an independent Black Lives Matter chapter in Virginia known as BLM 757. Matter of fact, their leader was interviewed by InfoWars (think Alex Jones) and I highly suggest you watch it:

While some might not agree with everything he says, InfoWars of all places put it best:

Now do any 2A activists disagree with this statement? We sure don’t.

We are proud to work with BLM 757 on common goals. We also respect our differing opinions in other areas and choose to ignore them (which means we don’t go on their pages and try to say they are wrong and preach, nor do they do that to ours). It’s perfectly fine we don’t agree on everything, as we are working towards unity, not changing their opinions on issues and stances that don’t align perfectly with our contributing writers and researchers.

The truth is, when the MAA creator started talking heavily with BLM 757, it was during middle of 2020 when all of the chaos was happening. Many w/MAA were skeptical of a potential relationship. However, when they learned of their 2A advocacy (and more about the chapter itself), those concerns dropped, as it was mostly fueled by the media and not conversations with the actual people involved. Now, they publicly acknowledge us for our 2A work and outreach, and we sure as hell acknowledge them for their 2A work and outreach. Matter of fact, we have a common opponent, Moms Demand Action, in which MDA’s leader, Shannon Watts, wanted to have BLM 757 and others arrested for defying a newly enacted open carry ban they fought to enact in Richmond, VA. How very Mulford Act of her!

We applaud BLM 757 and InfoWars for having a fantastic dialogue. It’s a shame that all folks in the 2A community can’t be as open minded as they were and just leave stuff other actual 2A supporters (not the faux ones who think it’s about a sport and hobby) disagree on and leave it alone and instead choose to say “if you don’t think like I do, you’re wrong and should be shamed”. That’s not an attempt at unity, that conformity....


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