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It’s time to focus where it really matters: local level

Keeping this short and sweet. We’ve seen many instances over the past 4 years with Democrat run states and localities “resisting“ the Trump Administration and putting the hurt on it‘s citizens (COVID lockdowns anyone?). Right now and going forward, it’s the local level battles for gun rights that need to play the part. Town, city, county and state level battles and elections is how you take on a Biden/Harris administration’s inevitable gun grabbing attempt. That’s how the anti-rights activists with Moms Demand Action has been operating for years to get their stuff done (such as using school boards and local governments to go along with their crap). Now is the time to rally and organize locally like never before. We are the only ones that can fight back to prevent it. The communist activists and their allied politicians that want us in prison for owning AR’s that are an influence hate having a light shined on them (especially repeatedly, and this is proof). Fight back via legal means, not by the means the left in Portland and Seattle did.

Organize, expose, and most of all, never give up. Good always prevails against evil/wrong.

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